PROPT Optimal Control News:

May 4, 2010: PROPT now includes two test cases for integer optimal control, thereby becoming the first optimal control package to allow for binary or integer decision making.

Mar 23, 2010: New auto-scaling modules included with PROPT. Support for interp2 and new space-related test cases.

Apr 7, 2009: PROPT (TOMLAB) makes 15th place in the European Space Agency's annual Global Trajectory Optimisation Competation (GTOC4).

Mar 25, 2009: New version with 13 additional test cases and support for Chebyshev collocation points.

Feb 14, 2009: PROPT solves five-link robot problem generated by Autolev in 50 seconds.

Nov 17, 2008: The first version based on the tomSym symbolic modeling engine released. The new structure allows for generation of analytical first and second order derivatives.

Nov 17, 2008: First version of PROPT released. This version did not use a symbolic modeling language but relied on MAD for obtaining derivatives for the solution process.

For more detailed news about PROPT please refer to the general TOMLAB release notes.